103.3 Mac FM radio station, under the current management with its Naum Trajceski, has functioned as such since March 2006.

In a period of little more than 4 years Mac FM has transformed itself into the most popular and professional 24hour ethnic radio station in Perth and Western Australia. The priority of the radio station is to inform and keep updated the Macedonians living in Perth with current affairs occurring in the Republic of Macedonia, aswell as issues affecting them in Australia today.

Mac FM also plays a vast range of Macedonian music and songs. It has at its possession over 10.000 Macedonian songs, taking into account traditional folklore music while adding the vibe of the modern Macedonian pop music to also attract a younger audience of listeners, which it has done successfully.

Mac FM radio has between 15-20 volunteers at its premises at any given week. Most of these people also run their own programs on the radio which cover a wide range of fields aimed at satisfying the taste of each listener. These programs range from those who cover sport, current affairs, politics, history, folk music, pop music and even humor.

Although the commentary and music is in the Macedonian language, we at Mac FM also have a large audience of listeners from ethnic communities who have very little difficulty understanding our language. These include Serbs, Croatians and Bosnians who all have large communities living in the Perth metropolitan area.

When it comes to the goals of Mac FM, they also extend outside the radio station. In the past 2 years, 103.3 Mac FM has organized and co-organized countless numbers of humanitarian concerts within the Macedonian community living in Perth. Our aim is to encourage and contribute to the unity and prosperity of the Macedonians living in Western Australia, aswell as helping Macedonians in need living in the Republic of Macedonia.

In the music sphere, Mac FM has brought to Australia all of the most popular Macedonian folk singers, and in recent times has begun to bring the young stars from Macedonia's pop music scene. All these Singers and Musicians have had outstanding performances in all the concerts they have taken part in here in Perth and elsewhere in Australia. Here at 103.3 Mac FM our motto is: Through music to unity and prosperity!
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